Customers like it! The work you will be doing is clearly stated and easy to understand.

They are more confident that the project will be installed as stated.

They can see what their outlets and racks will look like.

No one else gives them information on open rack spaces and patch panel ports.

Technicians like it! Every scope of work is written in the same order and format making it quicker to find the details.

The BOM is alway broken out by TR so they will know how many jacks to take to a particular floor or how to divide up a long length of backbone cable that will connect 3 TRs.

There is never any conflicting or inconsist descriptions that are common with "cut and paste" documents.

Estimators like it! Time saved can be used for other things. Cuts up to 75% of the time to create to any similar document.

Rack elevations are automatically included in your proposals.

Automatic calculations change outlet counts to number of the jacks, faceplates, and patch panels that you need and it is error free every time.

Never leave anything out. BetterProposals runs through project options making sure all required components are included.

Color pictures of each type of outlet with jacks are provided in the scope of work. Not a real big deal but some customers are impressed.

Your scope will be standards complient and based upon "best practices". The program was designed by a BISCI RCDD with over 17 years experience and thousands of installed projects

Quick access to a database of thousands of products makes sure that your product description and part numbers match.

Managers like it! Company documentation looks more professional.

Conflicts with customers over what they think is involved with the project are minimized.

Estimators have more time to work with customers and do actual design work.

Installation errors due to differences between the scope and materials list are eliminated.

No major components are left out of the project.